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Colour Freedom: Mystic Purple.

I'm an avid hair dye lover, especially when it comes to the unnatural colours of hair. Blue, pink, orange, green, purple are just a few of the colours I've had my hair since my first hair dye when I was 13. When I was pregnant I didn't feel comfortable dying my hair, so, as you can imagine it was hell not being able to do anything with it for 10 months. Now one year later, I'm feeling more comfortable in some multi shaded purple that definitely needs redoing sometime soon.
I wanted to talk about the hair dye brand Colour Freedom. This brand is one that Kee has used so much for dying his hair blue. I've used it once a few years ago for an orange/red type of colour and it just didn't stick to my hair for that colour so I was a bit sceptical about the brand. 

However, when November came around last year I had gotten to the point where I was sick of having blonde hair, the colour wasn't doing it for me. I had my Gran's birthday party that day and Kee's pa…

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