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Coping with mild anxiety

Please note that in this post do breifly talk about my experience with anxiety. 
I have suffered with anxiety for a long time now, looking back I probably started to develop it in high school, although only very mildly. Trying to avoid situations that would stress me out for ages and being extremely nervous when it came to presentations that were compulsory (I still cannot do presentations and hope I never have to do one again). It progressed and worsened after I left University where it would appear, then disappear for a while then come back again, a little like a game of hide and seek. The worse I've ever had it was in 2016 when I felt as though a panic attack was trying to rip my chest and heart out. Thankfully, I've not had it that bad since. 
I have previously been on medication for it, which never really seemed to work. I changed certain things about my life which seemed to help for a while. At the time in 2016 I changed my job, got a kitten and moved into a flat with Kee.…

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